Sharing Bali & Beyond

Active Travel + Simple Luxury

By Sharingbali@admin NEW

I am intuitive by nature. It’s time to shift away, break the rules once again. Reimagine. Reinvent. Discover more villages. Create new experiences.

Say hello to Sharing Bali & Beyond.

I’m inviting you to join my travels to new villages around the world.

It’s all about Active Travel + Simple Luxury.

I’m heading to destinations such as The French Alps, East Timor, Taiwan, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Bali and less travelled parts of Indonesia.

Here’s my checklist for everything I want it to be for us…..

  • Active. Every day. In the outdoors.
  • Healthy without the need to diet or detox. Local food is what we do.
  • We don’t ‘check in’, instead we ‘move in’ and get a taste of local life. (I really don’t like to unpack my bag in a different place every day).
  • Fun. Friendly.
  • A little indulgent. Pack the dress (or a nice shirt for the guys). I like a wine at the end of the day sometimes.
  • At times, adventurous. Pack the hiking boots. Challenges are good. (nothing scary!)
  • A time to disconnect to reconnect. Switch off the devices for a while.
  • Inspiring. Bring your sense of curiosity and wonder.
  • Different every day. We may stay in one place, but we won’t be getting stuck in a routine.
  • Personal. Small groups allow for the best stories around the dining table.

And just like Sharing Bali, I have only one wish for you….. that you go home a little more in love with life.

Head over to Sharing Bali & Beyond now.  Join me for some new adventures!