Fusion Bootcamp

Fitness. Fun. For All.

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Rice paddies replace the treadmills.
Coconuts, rice sacks and bamboo are your training tools.
“Coconutates” connects you with your core.
Suspension Pilates will see you swinging through the coconut trees.
“Poleates” and “Bali Barre” sets your posture in place.
A sunrise caldera climb will awaken the soul.
Delicious fresh healthy food (that someone else cooks) nourishes the body.
You get to take massages, turn off your phone and just breathe.


7-12 May & 8-13 Oct 2017

A regular Bootcamper or just kick starting your fitness journey?
Fusion Bootcamp fuses together different fitness elements.
Every day is jammed packed with fun and diversity suitable for all fitness levels.

Day 1.       Settle In. Stretch Out.

Meet your new retreat friends over a glass of fresh ginger and lemongrass tea. Settle into your bungalow and get ready for a stress busting Pilates session. Stretch and breathe. Dinner is Balinese style at our dining table in the rice fields. You will wonder how such wickedly delicious food gets to be so healthy. No talk about diets or the super foods. Just fresh locally grown food.

Day 2.       Bali By Bike.

Suspension training from coconut trees, bamboo kettlebells, coconut pumpclass, bamboo Pilates, lets just mix it up and get a Fusion workout Bali style.   Energised we’re ready to cycle the back roads of Bali. It’s a cruisy ride stopping at places of cultural interest along the way. Breakfast and lunch are included. Not too sure about your bike skills? Don’t worry, jump into the support vehicle when you need a break.  Chill out in the bale overlooking the rice paddies before dinner.


Day 3.       Raise The Pace.

We kick the day off with a Fusion Bootcamp session. Expect some coconuts to be tossed in. Breakfast is not to be rushed, it’s a tropical delight. Fuelled up we head out to the jungle, it’s time to trek and take in local life. The ravines are steep, the views are sensational. Balance out the day with a massage and a Yogalates session.

Day 4.       Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate.

Today’s Fusion Session includes a taste of “Bali Barre”. Lets talk poise and strength! By now the stress has dropped away. We head into Ubud for the ultimate body treatment. The traditional “mandilulur” will scrub and polish your skin to a glow.  Feeling like goddesses, we move on to our favourite restaurant just in time for dinner at sunset.


Day 5.       “The Hardest Paths Lead To The Most Beautiful Views”.

Be Alive At Dawn. We trek by torchlight to our secret Caldera location to take in a sunrise over the east coast of Bali. The surrounding mountains, lake and ocean are the backdrop to a “Fusion Flow” session. We treat ourselves to a picnic breakfast with time to take in the simple luxury of the day. A boat trip takes us to lakeside hot springs. As we unwind and let the spring’s healing powers do their work we make promises to be kind to ourselves more often. We’re ready for lunch and an afternoon of relaxation. If you are up for it, stretch out in a Pilates session before our staff and friends from the village join us for a celebratory Balinese feast for dinner. Music and dancing is on!

Day 6.       Pack A Bag Full Of Memories.

Your new found energy, balance and alignment gets a workout in the final Fusion Bootcamp. Take home the tips you need to put an end to slouchy shoulders and aching backs. We drop into the local school with any donations of school shoes or stationery before a leisurely farewell breakfast. It’s time to pack your bag and move on to your next destination.


7-12 May & 8-13 Oct 2017

What to pack? Leave your baggage at home. Don’t bother packing guilt (that you left your husband and kids); vanity (you are beautiful on the inside so you don’t need anything else); expectations and judgement on yourself or others. But do pack a sense of humour, love, smiles and a sense of wonder. Leave some room to bring home some souvenirs – confidence, butts of steel, courage, new friends anda whole lot of laughs.

Join us for a vital experience to kick-start the discovery of a whole new you.


Jo Sharp

Collector of experiences and life journeys, fitness guru, enjoying a half glass full kind of life. Practicing contentment and encouraging others to believe and achieve.


Karen Willis

Experience Maker. Chasing a dream. Inspiring others to do the same. If I can, so can you.
Living in a Bali village. Wearing silk sarongs. Cantik the Pomeranian always at my side.


Sharing Bali Crew

A unique mosaic of individuals. Multi talented. From trek guide to gourmet goddesses.
Equal ability to work hard or
totally kick back.
Qualifications from the college
of life. Village campus.



7-12 May & 8-13 Oct 2017




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