Sharing Bali – FAQ

All of our retreats have a full itinerary with information on what to pack etc. Please download from our retreats page. More questions? We think we may have them covered here, but if not feel free to email us with any further questions. E:

Can I stay at Sharing Bali without joining a retreat?

  • Yes you can. You may choose to stay with us as an independent guest on a nightly rate. Check out the rates here 

Do I need travel insurance?

  • Yes. In fact it is mandatory for all of our guests. You would be crazy to travel in S.E. Asia without travel insurance. We are not liable for personal injury, death, damage to property or other loss whether arising from accident, cancellations, delays or any other matter beyond our control. Participants should insure against all such possibilities. All participants participate at their own risk. 

Do I need any vaccinations?

  • You should seek your own medical advice prior to travelling. We recommend taking sensible precautions against mosquitos by using personal insect repellent. You will notice the mosquitos are more prevalent in the hotter beach areas. 

Where is the closest airport?

  • You will fly into the only airport in Bali, located in Denpasar. Travel time from the airport to the retreat is approx. 2 hours depending on the time of day. 

Do I need a visa or any other special requirements on my passport?

  • Ensure that your passport is valid for 6 months with 1 empty page.
  • Most guests will be eligible for the $US25 tourist visa paid on arrival in Bali. You are responsible for making your own arrangements and should check the requirements prior to departure from your home country.
  • Please bring 2 photocopies of your passport photo page for local registration purposes. 

What is the local currency and how do I change money? Any ATM’s?

  • Local currency is Rupiah and the exchange rate does fluctuate.
  • Its easy to change money, don’t bother trying to get Rupiah in your home country
  • ATM and currency exchange is available at the airport, and all tourist areas. (no facilities at the retreat)
  • The closest place to the retreat to exchange money is in Ubud
  • You will only need cash for your personal extras whilst on retreat, note that we do not have credit card facilities. 

How do I get to the retreat?

  • Retreat packages includes group transfers to/from the retreat. We pick up at specified times from Ubud, the airport or nearby hotels, depending on the program. You will be advised of group transfer arrangements once all guests’ details are confirmed.
  • If you are an independent guest, we can organise transfers for you.
  • Our drivers will be in the public area outside the main doors. They will be holding a Sharing Bali sign and/or your name. Please take your time to look for them amongst the crowd of drivers waiting to pick up their guests.
  • If we are picking you up from a hotel, please wait in the lobby area at the pre-arranged time.
  • If you are arriving on late night flight, we recommend that you arrive one day early and stay at a hotel nearby the airport. This allows for some rest prior to the 2 hour drive to our place. 

Do I need to be fit to join the retreats?

  • Not at all. The most important thing is to be prepared to get fit! It will be mentally and physically challenging, but very rewarding. 

What if everyone is at different fitness levels?

  • Every one will be working within their limit, each exercise has a beginner and advanced level. 

How many hours and what type of exercise is there every day?

  • Varies on each program but expect up to 75min daily outdoor fitness sessions at least once a day. In addition there is incidental exercise on treks, cycling, rafting etc. activities. 

Are there women only retreats?

  • Our retreat programs are always being updated and usually have at least one women only retreat on offer. 

I have some injuries and/or medical conditions that I am concerned about. Will I be allowed to join the retreats?

  • There is a medical background questionnaire/waiver to fill in prior to the retreat, providing the trainer background on your physical condition. Please fill in the form accurately. The trainer will make an assessment about your ability and advise accordingly.
  • Be responsible about any medical conditions you may have. Pack your medications and prescriptions as necessary. 

What if I decide to skip a session or activity or I sleep in?

  • Skipping a session is your choice, but there will be no refund or credits on unattended sessions.
  • To avoid sleeping in we can knock on your door to wake you up! 

What if it rains?

  • We have a rain, hail or shine policy. Activities may be rescheduled to suit the conditions, however activities will take place on a daily basis. 

Do you have air conditioning or fans in the bungalows?

  • No need! We are located in the hills and enjoy surprisingly cool mornings and early evenings. In the dry season, the nights are quite cold and you will be sleeping with blankets. Please pack appropriate clothes for cool evenings. Our bales and dining area have grass roofs, creating cool shady places. 

Do I have to share a room?

  • Sharing a room is at your request. We have a limited number of twin share rooms. Singles fills our retreats quickly and we may ask guests if they will be ok to share. You are always given a choice. 

Do I have my own bathroom?

  • Every bungalow has it’s own private bathroom, with western style toilet and hot and cold water. The bonus is your bathroom is outdoors in a garden setting. 

What’s the food like? Can I get special meals for my intolerances?

  • Food is really a big part of a stay at Sharing Bali. We serve authentic Balinese style food. Most of our ingredients come from our own land or from nearby farms and markets. Every meal will be different. We don’t have a menu, as instead we serve a variety of dishes each meal for everyone to share.  The dishes are dependent upon seasonal availability.
  • All meals are served with rice and a variety of sambals (spicy sauces), vegetables, chicken and fish. Some typical dishes are – spicy steamed fish; chicken coconut satay; green beans in peanut sauce; pumpkin and coconut soup; humus salad; cucumber and coconut salad. And for those who enjoy sweets – black rice pudding, fried bananas, steamed sweet pumpkin wrapped in banana leaves. We also serve a lot of fresh fruit.
  • Breakfast is the only time we serve more western style food. It’s usually fruit, yoghurt, banana pancakes, boiled eggs, fruit juice and tea or coffee.
  • We can cater for vegetarians and we will do our best to cater for any specific food needs, but please be aware that we do not claim to be nutritionists with experience in special diets. Please confirm any special dietary needs before booking.
  • Generally, guests who are gluten intolerant do not have problems with our food. We use only fresh food. Nothing processed or packaged. It is a rice-based diet, no wheat. Our flour is made from rice.
  • Please note that for reasons of safety we cannot take guests who have a fatal allergy to any food/food groups. 

What about drinks?

  • Each bungalow is supplied with clean spring water for drinking. Refill your water bottles from this supply.
  • Balinese style tea (fresh lemongrass, ginger) and coffee are included in the rates.
  • All bottled drinks are extra – water (small bottles), beer, soft drinks, tonic & soda water.
  • We recommend that you drink bottled water at all times, even to clean your teeth. We would appreciate everyone bringing refillable water bottles to cut down on plastic waste. 

Do you serve alcohol?

  • The only alcohol we sell is beer. If you would like to bring your own spirits, we can provide ice and mixers.
  • Wine is not readily available in Bali and is very expensive for the quality. Best to bring your own supplies. 

What if I eat out in Ubud instead of at Sharing Bali?

  • That’s your choice, but there will not be any refund or credits on any meals you miss at Sharing Bali. 

Is there local transport available?

  • There is no public tor local transport to the retreat. We can organise a driver for you if needed, at a pre-agreed price. 

Is there a laundry service?

  • We will pick up laundry from you every morning and return it by the following afternoon at the latest. Sometimes it will be ready by the evening in the same day. 

Is there electricity?

  • Yes. We run off the local power supply. Occasionally, especially after storms, the supply is cut off for a few hours. We don’t have a generator. Its not the end of the world, we have gas for cooking, candles for light.
  • We have an electrician in the village who is on call to deal with any electrical malfunctions on our property.
  • Bring your own adaptor to charge your phone, camera etc. 

How do I stay in touch with my friends and family? Is there any WiFi?

  • We have mobile phone reception, but no landlines or WiFi. It’s a good opportunity to disconnect! However, the mobile phone reception is adequate for texting and making calls. Expect VERY slow access to internet via your phone.
  • WiFi is freely available in Ubud cafes, so best to plan important internet usage for your trips to Ubud.
  • Ensure that global roaming is organised to your phone BEFORE you leave home. (Global roaming is expensive)
  • Indonesia code is +62

To use your phone with a local sim card do the following

  • Your phone must be unlocked and ready to accept a new sim card BEFORE you leave home
  • Bring the device to release the sim card on your iPhone
  • Best to buy the new sim card and phone credit BEFORE you arrive at Sharing Bali. You can buy these at the airport from a kiosk that sells drinks etc.
  • We can buy more phone credit for you as needed. You just need to pay us cash in advance. The credit will be sent to your phone immediately. 

How safe is it at the retreat?

  • We do everything possible to keep you and your personal possessions safe whilst staying with us, but we expect you to help us out by taking reasonable care of your own possessions once you leave the retreat on day trips/activities.
  • We are in a small village, far away from any major tourist area.
  • We have staff on our property 24 hours.
  • We don’t lock out local people from our property. You will see local people on a daily basis either dropping goods off to the kitchen, working on the grounds or just passing through on the way to their farms. We know everyone and we are well respected in the village. You will be the only visitors staying on the village, so everyone will know where you are staying and will be made to feel very welcome.
  • Whilst our place is very comfortable and safe, for some, seeing real Bali life – village style – may be a bit of a cultural shock. Come with an open mind!
  • We register guests with the local authorities.
  • We are fully registered and comply with all local rules regarding security.
  • We draw the line at helping any of our guests who have broken the law, especially in regards to narcotics. 

What if I get sick or injured?

  • We have a doctor on call, located 20 mins away. He has trained in Indonesia and Australia, and speaks very good English.
  • The closest medical clinic for travellers is located in Ubud, 45 mins away.
  • An international standard hospital is located in Denpasar, up to 2 hours away.
  • We do everything possible to avoid injuries to our guests and appreciate it if you could take notice of our advice about local conditions.
  • Our trainers are highly qualified and will advise you to train within limits that reduce the risk of injury. Please listen! It’s not worth injuring yourself.
  • If we feel that participating in an activity will be a risk to the health and safety of yourself and others, we will discuss the situation with you and where possible offer an alternative. Ultimately we will not allow you to participate if we feel there is unreasonable risk. This is particularly relevant to the Mt Batur Volcano Climb.
  • Be responsible about any medical conditions you may have. Pack your medications and prescriptions as necessary. 

What do I need to bring?

We supply a fact sheet for each retreat, but in general this is what you need:

  • A refillable water bottle, it helps cut down on plastic rubbish
  • It’s the tropics – don’t forget sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, lightweight clothes and personal insect repellent;
  • Early morning and the evenings can be cool so bring long sleeves / pants.
  • Decent sport shoes should be sufficient, but you may be more comfortable and confident with walking boots for volcano and jungle trekking). Best to pack two pairs of shoes so that you always have one dry pair. The second pair can be old, ones that you don’t mind getting muddy!
  • Bring a daypack and a torch for the volcano climb.
  • Books (the afternoons are perfect for relaxing and reading). We do have a small library of books available for sharing and swapping. 

Can I participate in local ceremonies?

  • Our guests are always welcome at any local ceremonies that may be taking place in the village or the temples. Our staff will be happy to accompany you, we just ask that you dress and behave in accordance with local customs. We can assist with providing sarongs and scarves as needed for appropriate dress requirements. 

What else is there to do?

We can help organise any of the following for you. Some of these activities are at an additional cost:

  • Massages and Spa Treatments – Massages, facials, spa pedicures, manicures are all available.
  • Arts and Crafts – Ubud and the surrounding area are rich in art and craft. As an artist. Wayan has many friends and family involved in art and craft and is happy to introduce our guests to their works.
  • Besakih Temple – High on the slopes of Bali’s Mount Agung sits Pura Besakih, widely referred to as the “Mother Temple” of Hinduism in Bali. Pura Besakih is the largest of Bali’s 11,000 or so Hindu temples; its 35 shrines and halls draw devotees from all over Bali in massive numbers each year. It is the biggest and holiest of all Balinese temples. Allow 3-4 hours for the round trip.
  • Adventure Activities – We can book you into any of the following where the schedule allows – white water rafting; river kayaking; elephant trekking. (these operators accept credit card) 





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