Our ‘Bamboo Gym’


“Outdoor exercise makes you happy.”

There’s plenty of research on this statement. We don’t need convincing. We have nature’s playground all around us, giving us no excuse not to get outdoors and get active.

The natural terrain is uneven and has plenty of hills. Weights are in the form of coconuts, rice sacks, bamboo kettle bells and logs. All are natural in shape, creating instability and adding an extra difficulty to every move. Working out in these conditions demands that you are mentally in tune with your whole body, your muscles employed and challenged for the duration of the whole workout.


Having so much open space to train in is naturally invigorating. We have so much space to run, jump and play. Freedom. It immediately lifts your mood.

Our trainers are the best. Experienced. Ready to use every opportunity to create fun, effective workouts that suit every level of fitness.

Yes. We do think ‘fitness’ and ‘fun’ can fit in the same sentence.


Leave the gym routine at home. No queues for equipment here. Get ready for exponentially more exotic workouts that will leave you breathless for so many reasons!


Imagine coming back from your Bali holiday feeling relaxed, fit and amazing. I can help you with that.

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