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Eat Fresh

Our kitchen has become famous for authentic Balinese food served village style. Nothing beats fresh seasonal food straight from the source. Our access to fresh ingredients can only be described as abundant, so much of it straight out of the ground or picked from a tree just a few hours before serving.


We have a simple village style kitchen. Fresh spices are ground daily with a mortar and pestle, satays are grilled over a fire of coconut husks. Ingredients aren’t really measured. Flavours, as well as the level of sweetness or spiciness of a dish, change daily, depending on who’s cooking, availability of produce and who’s eating. Some like it spicier than others.

Meals are a time for sharing…. food, conversation and time. There’s no rush over meals at our communal dining table set in the rice paddies.

A daily thermos of tea, waiting on the bungalow balcony is a simple gesture much appreciated by our guests and nothing beats lobbing the top off a coconut to drink the juice fresh from the shell.

We share the secrets of our kitchen in our cooking classes. Be hands on. Get to work grinding the fresh spices in the mortar and pestle. Test your skills wrapping sweet delights in banana leaves. At the end of each class we get to devour the feast you have helped create.

Keen to whip up a storm Sharing Bali Style in your own kitchen? There are over 35 recipes in our ‘Every Day Is New Life” e-book. Download it here and start cooking.


* We do our best to cater for dietary requirements such as vegetarian, gluten and lactose intolerance etc. This must be discussed prior to booking. We don’t like to take risks with the health of our guests. Hence we are unable to accept guests who have a FATAL food allergy. Our meals are based on shared dishes, and whilst we can make some modifications, we are unable to provide separate meals for individuals. Please respect our experience and acknowledge that your health and happiness is our priority.


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