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By Sharingbali@admin NOW

Unafraid of the new, preferring to be leaders rather than followers,
we are open to new ideas that work within our ethos.
We can’t be all things to all people but we do our best to customise programs that work for you and us.
One day trips, family fun, girls day out, foodie fare or private group programs.


Having one or many of these thoughts?

  • I like the idea of daily exercise but also like the idea of sleeping in a little in the morning. No morning bootcamp please.
  • I’m all about enjoying local food on my travels. Cooking. Visiting farms and local markets. Getting in the kitchen. Enjoying every meal in a beautiful setting.
  • We’re stressed! My partner and I just need a couple of days of rest, good food, lots of body treatments, and the chance to reconnect. No WIFI is perfect.
  • I prefer to write, paint or take beautiful photographs. Turn off the phone. No distractions please.
  • My sisters and I all like hanging out with our nieces. Would love a healthy, fun, affordable holiday that takes us out of our over connected, over busy worlds and gives us time together.
  • I always book a luxurious villa but wouldn’t mind a taste of life away from the beaches for a couple of days. Best of both worlds.
  • I’m getting married in Bali and want a fun, healthy, happy hens day with my special friends and family.
  • I only have 3 days. I want a taste of real Bali.
  • I always seek out local culture and the traditional way of life on my travels, but wouldn’t mind mixing it up with some fun outdoor stuff.
  • My girlfriends and I deserve a guilt-free break from kids, family, work etc. but don’t really want to do the villa/shopping/cocktails circuit. Happy to be active and healthy but we wouldn’t mind a massage and a wine!
  • I just want to be outdoors and active. Trekking, cycling, volcano climbs. How much can I do in 4 days?
  • My book club/run club/tri club/belly dancing buddies wouldn’t mind running our sessions whilst on holiday in an exotic location.
  • My group of friends are new to yoga. We are loving it, but nervous to join a yoga retreat as they seem to be only for experienced yogis. Yoga once a day is enough for us. Can we do a ‘yoga for beginners’ retreat?


Get together a group of like-minded people.
Work out what you want out of your Sharing Bali escape.
Agree on some dates.
Send an email with your wish list.
We’ll do our best to co-create an amazing experience for your group.
It’s that easy.


There will be minimum numbers needed on some programs.
Price will depend on program content.
Book ahead! Give your group time to plan and save.


Looking for a place to run a retreat for your clients?

Our health and fitness instructors; writing and spiritual coaches; psychologists and adventure leaders all bring their own unique skills, style and beliefs. Together we co-create retreats for small groups, each with a unique flavour. We are “not for rent”, our style is to collaborate, share and participate.
Please get in touch if you are keen to explore the opportunities. We keep the process simple, making it easy to create retreats that offer people time and space to enhance their lives while getting a taste of the real Bali.


We are here to help you create a memorable experience for your clients.


Karen Willis

Experience Maker. Chasing a dream. Inspiring others to do the same. If I can, so can you.
Living in a Bali village. Wearing silk sarongs. Cantik the Pomeranian always at my side.


Sharing Bali Crew

A unique mosaic of individuals. Multi talented. From trek guide to gourmet goddesses.
Equal ability to work hard or
totally kick back.
Qualifications from the college
of life. Village campus.


Imagine coming back from your Bali holiday feeling relaxed, fit and amazing. I can help you with that.

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