The name of our village is SINGAPRANG. You won’t find it on most Bali maps and most drivers don’t know our area. If you are making your own way to our place, please ask your driver to contact our staff in advance of your trip.

Travel time from Ubud is around 45 – 60 minutes. Allow up to 2 hours from the airport and beach locations such as Seminyak.



+62 (0) 81238702568


We live in a village with limited telecommunications, accessing the internet via a mobile phone signal. No wifi here. Some days it can be a little inconvenient, but we work with it. Emails are checked everyday and we do our best to get back to you within 24-48 hours.

If you need to get in touch urgently text messages are the best. Phone calls can be frustrating if the signal drops out mid conversation. FB messages are an option but only via FB messenger.

We are often out having fun jungle trekking, climbing volcanoes and being in the outdoors with our guests. We take our phones but choose to use them only for urgent issues. Same goes for meal times. No Facebook at the table, we enjoy talking to our guests.

Disconnect to Reconnect. Staying with us is your chance to take a break from the over busy, over connected lifestyles of today. Everyone enjoys a break from constant connection. A parting comment from so many of our guests goes like this….

“Please, don’t ever get WIFI…. It will change everything!”

We’re listening.



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