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Balinese Massage
1 hour   rp 250,000

A Balinese genuine heritage, the Balinese massage is a unique blend of deep stroke massage, using pressure points and stretching technique to reduce stress and muscle aches. Recommended for those who prefer a firm massage.

Relaxing Massage
1 hour   rp 250,000

Relaxing massage techniques work to soothe damaged tissue, and relieve strained muscle and joint pain. The boost to your circulation will help reduce stress and rebalance your body, and the aromatic oils can also boost your mood, as this massage targets deeper layers of muscle and boost circulation.

Energi Massage
1 hour   rp 250,000

This firm and deeps stroke massage treatment is performed using elbow pressure to restore depleted energy levels and release emotional tension, relieve stress as well as muscular aches and pains. The treatment ends by applying warm palms in positive energy to your head and back.

Foot Reflexology
1 hour   rp 200,000

The ancient art of healing, using thumb and finger pressure on parts of the feet which corresponds to various parts of your body. Reflexologi relieves tension, stress and stimulates the nervous system.

Facial Deluxe
1 hour 15 mins   rp 200,000

This treatment focuses on the use of pure and natural ingredients known for their nourishing properties such as candlenut, lemon, honey, avocado and cucumber. Ear candling and a revitalising neck and shoulder massage is included.

1 hour   rp 140,000

A rejuvenating facial using natural ingredients as used in the deluxe treatment.



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